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The Maccabees- Pelican

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Babyshambles- Fuck Forever

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Songs I Will Never Get Tired Of ~ what the water gave me

Before the queue starts, I would like to share a blog post I made today about all the songs I will never get tired of. If you need some new songs to listen to, I think this might be a good one for you! xx

ninakruemmel asked: My favourite band is "Flashguns". They sadly no longer exist, but their music is fantastic :)

Oh my lord, I think I would probably just die if my favourite band was to fall apart. Thank you very much, I will definitely check out their music! xx

So, the queue is up and will post normally this week! I hope you’ll like it!

In the meantime though, I feel like sometimes, the stuff I post can be a bit repetitive, so if you have any new, unknown bands that I could post about and would potentially like, my askbox/recommendations page is always open! 

I shall see you soon! xxx

dew-process asked: Have you heard of Mossman Alder? <3 your taste in music btw!

No, I haven’t, but I will definitely check it out. Oh, thank you, but you guys must take some credit for it, for giving me awesome recommendations! xx