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The Honey Trees- By The River

I am in love with their new album, it’s just… exactly what you’d expect from this band to produce. It’s amazing and definitely worth a listen from you guys! 

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Portugal The Man- Purple Yellow Red And Blue

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flinthill asked: Hi, this is Flint Hill--a hot, new indie-acoustic group out of PA. Would you be willing to promote a few of our songs on your blog? check us out on the link on our page. Thanks!

Yes, sure! Would you mind me putting a link to your blog/whatever on my bandpage? I always do that with new bands that come and ask for help :)

knotfersce asked: Hello! I don't know if it's alright to suggest my own band for posting on this page, but I'ma go for it anyways. We're The Paleontologists, a three piece, ambient/folk group from Northern Indiana. We're just starting out, trying to get our name out there and a post from your blog would be super, super amazing. Even if you choose not to post us, thanks for giving us a chance! It's very much appreciated. Our music can be found on bandcamp, sorry I can't post a link in this ask. Thanks again!

No, it’s absolutely fine! Thank you so much for suggesting, I was starting to think that there were no more bands in need of help! Sure, I’ll check you out and put a link to your Bandcamp on my bandpage, if that’s cool with you? :)

A Yawn Worth Yelling- 1,001, Actually

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