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British India- I Can Make You Love Me

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The Paper Kites- Bloom

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Apologies for today’s silence on my blog, posting will resume normally tomorrow! 

Again, just take my word for it, if you need more soft-sounding indie artists to listen to, this is probably the place for you! Look them up, they’re brill! 

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If you haven’t heard new music by Early Settler, check out one of my latest so songs called “Wild Fur Oak”. Spread the word if you will ! And follow on Facebook: fb.com/earlysettler

Guys, you neeeeeed to check this out, it’s just bloody amazing! Take my word for it, it really is! 

earlysettler asked: Hello ! Random question but I'm a Folk Musician looking for some help from other music bloggers to kinda put my name out a bit more. Thought I'd ask if you would consider sharing a song of mine ? You can check out my page to find out a little more about me :) Thanks ! Best, -A

Of course, no problem! Thank you so much for stopping by, I will definitely look you up and add you to my bandpage! :)