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WILD LIFE (Official Video)



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New musical discoveries ~ what the water gave me

I thought you might be interested into this blog post of mine, where I talk about new musical discoveries of mine. There aren’t that many indepentand musical artists (because indie is not the only genre I listen to) but if you’re a person that has a wide musical taste, this might be for you. Thanks for taking a look at it! xxx

P.S. THANK YOU FOR 3.4k!!! 

The Vaccines- Norgaard

I first got to know about The Vaccines through Skins (the first episode of series 5) and I started to love them quite quickly. This wasn’t the song they used, but it isn’t that different from it. It’s about a Danish (?) teenage model Amanda Norgaard and it’s pretty hilarious and quick and cheerful. Definitely for the ones who like something like The Wombats and early The Killers and The Strokes. 

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The Killers- Mr. Brightside

One of the bands, that gave indie rock music a hope in the country across the big lake. Personally, I don’t dig their newer stuff, but everything up until Day & Age is pure gold. Definitely recommend them. 

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The Wombats- My First Wedding

This is an indie rock band, with amazing ability do to amazing backing vocals, really catchy melodies and let’s not forget, freaking hilarious lyrics. They have this wonderful presence on stage, where you don’t know if the performance is a musical one or a stand-up comedy one and they’re not quite like anything else I’ve ever heard.

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Zulu Winter- We Should Be Swimming

Having met this wonderful band, I think that they need a lot more recognition and praise and fame than they do. Again, slightly dream-like, a bit minimalistic, so this one is definitely for The XX / London Grammar fans out there!

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