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dew-process asked: Have you heard of Mossman Alder? <3 your taste in music btw!

No, I haven’t, but I will definitely check it out. Oh, thank you, but you guys must take some credit for it, for giving me awesome recommendations! xx

Laura Marling- Ghosts

(Source: Spotify)

She and Him- In The Sun

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Editors- In This Light And On This Evening

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I’m really surprised as to how many people are keeping up with this very irregular blog and it honestly makes my day. Thank you so much, I can’t express my love for you guys. 

On a bit of a sadder note, I currently have a fucking tree in my kitchen (don’t ask, weather is a bastard) and I can’t really blog properly until everything is settled, so there will unfortunately be no queue this week, but I promise one coming up next weekend. Thanks for your understanding and I shall see you soon!

xxx Katherine